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Michiel was born in 1982 in The Netherlands. In the late 90’s he began experimenting with graffiti in Amsterdam. For years, he remained active with spraying letters on walls and as he got older, graffiti evolved in streetart and he also started to experiment on canvas.

The street influences can still be recognized and by using hand torn collected street posters, he is able to compose unique images on canvas captivating the viewer with the voice of the people and his own.
His collage works are always being provided with posters he collects from walls out of the streets; he has developed a technique of ”Sustainable art” which gives a living and edgy character to his paintings. He also uses other old materials, like damaged brushes, blunt stanleyknives or other older and sometimes broken tools. Since by working with these tools and materials the result is always more surprising and exciting.‬ The technique he is using is mostly a combination of acrylic, spraypaint and silkscreening.

His style can be described as pop art, collage art or stencil art. Recurring topics are animals, women and heroes (or anti-heroes) always…’street inspired’.

Robin Burger, a painter, photographer, musician and visual artist! Robin Burger is continually triggered by elements in his everyday surroundings.

Robin burger sees, where others would turn a blind eye, like gum marks in streets or the patterns in a scaffolding. The result is a devoted yet critical view of our reality culminating in powerful images. Central to his work are certain distinctive themes such as society and nature, humor, western iconic images, and often have a dreamy fantastical quality. He questions the monotony of our everyday, challenges it, criticizes it, and is also amazed by it. He uses these inspiring elements and combines them into original works of art; a fusion which is typical of Robin Burger.

With a painter as a father and an art historian as a mother, Laura picked up her first pencil at a young age. Though, it was only after she decided to start her media styling & design studies at the Artemis Academy in Amsterdam that she started painting professionally.

In 2016, after 5 years of working with clients on illustrations, paintings, murals, she decided to go all in and work as an artist full time.

With the White Wander series, Laura is putting modern day women on a pedestal. Every woman within this category has a unique look & feel, a particular emotion and a specific look in their eyes. They are all self aware, proud and strong women that are portrayed using a silhouette of white paint. The art pieces are built using acrylic paint that is applied in many different layers. This organic and colorful expression is the basis of every piece within this category.

“Niels Ballemans creates art that emerges from his intimate perception of the world around him. Spectators of his work can revel in a feast of form and histrionic color, and, through Ballemans’ art, meet an artist who portrays the cultural imprints of society in a vulnerable, yet explicit manner” Manus Groenen (Art critic)

Since his graduation from the FHK, Academy of the Arts in Tilburg, the Netherlands, Niels has a studio based practice in Dongen, the South of the Netherlands. For the past 9 years he has been represented by various galleries and have exhibited throughout Europe. He has also worked from Ghana, Spain and Costa Rica, which has been an extensive cultural influence on his practice.

“In my work, I aim to create compositions that embody both narrative and abstract characteristics, that form a joint interplay. Encounters with people, their personal stories and fate, regularly form the basis for my artworks. Certain regular elements can be found throughout my work, sometimes because of their form, sometimes as a bearer of emotions or meaning. Another considerable influence in my work is Jazz. Jazz music, as a musical countermovement to highly formalized music, in which all or most musical elements are specified in advance, invites technical and detailed deconstruction of formalized music, through improvisation, and demands focused attention from the listener.

This deconstructive process, where improvisation becomes its own dialogue and forms a key element in the work, is a fundamental influence as a method for creating my work.”

Jorn has started painting in 1999. In the next few years he evolved from a recently graduated arts student into a cross-over artist and televisionmaker at BNN.

He did his first solo exhibit when he was 19 years old. Soon after he followed up with other expositions abroad and in The Netherlands and a museal exhibit at the Van Der Togt Museum in Amstelveen. In 2016 Van Hoorn was nominated for a Street Art Award (together with Daan Roosegaarde and the Rijksmuseum).

In 2017 Jorn participated in an unique collaboration with artist Sascha Kessel. They made the Escobar Coin. The official artcoin is signed by the son of Pablo Escobar.

Jorn’s unique still is laden with iconic images and people that change one’s perception on reality. He employs materials that work as a catalyst and fit with the speed of his thinking and working. Working at a breakneck pace, brushes, spatulas and hands are the weapons of choice. A whirlwind, leaving behind a trail of paint, water and graffiti.

Paco Raphael (1975) is educated at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in Communication & Multimedia Design. Working for big brand names like Philips, Renault, G-Star, and MTV Networks he evolved into a senior online graphic designer. He restated himself as artist, combining conventional art with digital media. In just 5 years as an artist, Paco Raphael accomplished worldwide exposure with Art Basel in Miami and solo shows in New York as a highlight.

All over the world Paco Raphael takes pictures of urban scenes. These contemporary cityscapes are mixed with urban industrial life, by adding images of themes like old cinema, music, typography, erotica and architecture taken from posters. By uniting the then and now, he creates a contemporary picture caught on canvas. The digitally mixed print is finished by hand with paint, pen and stencils.

Wendy Buiter creates beauty and fashion inspired art, utilizing vivid colors, to depict powerful women who exude confidence. Her playful art is inspired by contemporary haute couture and fashion photography. Wendy’s illustrations are an extension of herself, translating her creative energy onto the canvas, brought to life by the female characters she paints.

As a director of a company called Beautypartner, that collaborated with the most established and renown fashion and cosmetic houses including L’Oréal, CHANEL, LVMH, Yves Saint Laurent, MAC etc.. after nearly 10 years of entrepreneurship, she then decided to take a sabbatical. She exited her company to pursue her passion to become a painter and illustrator.

Wendy is able to translate her works into prints for interior decorating but also a variety of companies (as licensing) for accessories and home decor.

THE STORY of Mariska Meijers and the brand Mariska Meijers Amsterdam

Since launching her first pillow collection in 2010 the brand has expanded to trays, tray tables, wall paper, fabrics by the meter, lampshades and stationary with many categories to be added in the near future.

Meijers Amsterdam collection is sold through luxury retailers as well as specialty, interior design and museum stores, including Barneys NY, Selfridges, Le Bon Marché, Gracious Home and Wynn Las Vegas.

Mariska has collaborated with many notable companies and brands such as, KLM, Sofitel, Royal Delft, Amsterdam Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and Okura.

Her work has been featured in traditional and online media, including The World Of Interiors, VOGUE.COM, Architectural Digest, ELLE Decoration, GLAMOUR, Red.


Teis Albers is a contemporary mixed-media artist from the Netherlands. He attended the school for graphic design in Eindhoven.

Albers brings elements from nature, pop and street art together on a digital canvas. The diverse elements, ranging from billboards to birds, show the contrast between city and countryside. While the artists sources are often older, the viewer keeps discovering new things in his intricate arrangements, with hidden details in every composition.

The works are a mix of illustration, typography, photography and various compilation techniques. Teis finds inspiration in vintage stuff, street-art, comics, old brochures, travelling, film, art, nature and music, lots of music.

Toshy is a dynamic Dutch artist who aims to trigger and inspire. He sees the world as a podium to display art as a communication form without limitations. Influenced by social topics, fashion trends and facts of life, Toshy combines his copywriting and typographic painting skills with and without photography, to create a new style of mixed media “storytelling art”.

Toshy creates a personal story with his art. His works show the world the depths that lie within people as individuals and activates people to think and look different. Toshy has produced live paintings, wall paintings, charity artwork, public shows, art battles and exhibitions as well as commissioned works in countries including the UK, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Monaco and his native The Netherlands.

His overall message is “The world is your stage!”

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Exposition: 9th – 24th June, Vught


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