Project omschrijving

Babette Francoise Visser sparks attention due to her authentic and unconventional style of portrait painting. Realistic detail and fine brush strokes are combined with abstract elements, that blend in with the emotion on the female faces she portrays. Born on April 2nd 1992, in Joure (Friesland), Babette drew and painted realistic faces at a very young age. She enrolled at the University of Groningen and later the University of Leiden. After finishing her Master degree Economic & Consumer Psychology, her art journey accelerated. 

In 2018, Babette was crowned with a Street Art Award (category: Most Inventive). Her portraits reflect women with grace and elegance, always expressing a strong passion and emotion. Women who stand firm and follow their hearts. A gentle nudge for everybody, to follow their dreams, in a fast moving world where this seems almost impossible. The identity of her paintings has evolved into an unmistakable style, combined by a blend of soft colors, a timeless vintage feel and a Mediterranean touch.