Project omschrijving

Growing up between his mom’s oil paint tubes, pots, brushes and pencils, Sander Foppele has seen the most beautiful art come alive, starting from an empty self-stretched, canvas. Having seen this magic, he could not resist to start painting himself. With his art, he is on a mission to make people happy, interiors look more refined and bring some color to the boardroom. It felt natural to experiment with photography too as it allows him to catch the moment in a snap. Moving slow and moving fast as it were.

Combining techniques, gives him the freedom to express the essence of the work’s subject. Do not be surprised to see oil pastel on acrylic paint or charcoal. Discover his ‘prussian blue’ works – a complex alternative photographic method, invented some 180 years ago.

Creativity has always been a driving force in Sander Foppele his life. While being an actor and presenter on the screen, he took photos to capture the life back stage. He loves to work with his hands, creating his own ideas, experimenting, drawing and painting.